Glenbogle House

Glenbogle House, Seat of MacDonald Clan
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Whether you swoon over the Laird himself, appreciate the older man in the Gamekeeper, or giggle with Duncan (exactly what does he do?), this is the place for you. If you fancy the Glenbogle lasses, like the Lady Laird or schoolteacher, this is the place for you too.

Because this is where fans of the BBC series Monarch of the Glen gather.

Post pictures, icons, new info, or just babble about an episode or a character, all is welcome here. The only thing we ask is that if you're giving away anything (a spoiler) that you put it behind the cut. A lot of general info is okay, but if its a big secret, or something that is revealed in a later episode, not everyone is caught up to the most recent, so please don't spoil it for them.

Monarch fans unite! Here in Glenbogle ^_^